This is the Information Page for how we are running 3crosses trails and 3crosses Café through this health crisis. This page will be updated as the situation changes, so keep visiting the website for information!
To begin, 3crosses walking trails have not yet opened for the season. We are continuing to prep the trails, hopeful for the remedy, however, we are in a season of waiting and fervently praying.
3crosses Café is running online Zoom services for the time being! They have been such a blessing and we have enjoyed the easy conversations and recognize the importance of connection.
Come back to this page weekly for the updated Zoom Meeting ID or email for inquiries.
A Note from Dr. Jeff W. Roy Concerning COVID-19:
We are praying for you all and for all people.  We hope that people’s attention will be turned to the Lord during these times.  So many people take Him for granted around the world.  I hope that hearts, minds, and souls will be turned toward the Lord and His love during these strange times.
Things will change and we need to be prepared for this.  There will be many opportunities for us to express our love.  Right now as Canada and the world seek to flatten the exponential growth curve through social distancing I want to encourage you to take this time to bolster your immune systems – eat well, sleep well and exercise (get your blood pumping).
COVID-19 will not simply go away most likely it will move through a considerable portion of the population.  Remember so far the stats reveal that the majority of people who get this virus recover (over 95 percent).   Best to ready yourself physically.  Try and exercise each day and get your blood moving.  Get extra sleep.  Drink lots of water and eat well.
Above all else pray.  Please call or email if any you need anything – prayer or otherwise.