What We Do

We, at 3Crosses, provide soul care for anyone, from leaders to followers to searchers.

The retreat lasts for two to three days and is designed to accommodate a group with up to 12 participants. The groups’ demographics in the past include men’s retreats, women’s retreats, couples’ retreats, father and son retreats, and youth retreats. We specialize in equipping leadership teams (such as elders’ boards or staff teams) to help them incorporate listening prayer into their church planning.  

The retreat includes sleeping accommodations, meals, two mini workshops on listening prayer, a journal and a 3 hour solitary, MP3-guided walk through the woods to spend some time with God.

The MP3-guided walk is what we call “The Listening Experience” because guests experience what it is like to listen to God’s voice. The walk is designed to mimic places in Bible stories. You can walk through the garden of Gethsemane and then hike up to the cross at Golgotha. It is an incredible journey.

We also offer solitary retreats. We have two rustic cabins on the mountain that are designed for prayer and fasting. They have no electricity or water and inspire guests to get back to basics. Of course there is a trailer at the bottom of the mountain with a complete bathroom that can be used as a base camp. If you are interested in booking a solitary retreat and would like to include spiritual direction and the listening experience, be sure to arrange that ahead of time. Although this retreat is counter-cultural; it is a glorious way to simply unplug.